Wednesday, December 8, 2010

how i spent it

When it costs just PHP2,700 to fly to Singapore (round trip all-in promo fare, via Airphil Express) and your friend offers to put you up in her apartment, what do you do with all the money that you've saved?

Spend it, of course.

From Takashimaya, my current obsession is the Kimmi Doll.

The cutest note pads for me and my gurls.
Hardbound notebook and burloloy bag for all my chargers.

From Carrefour, these goodies called out to me:

Ready-mixes and three-in-ones: so convenient.
Squid flakes in varying degrees of heat.
Preserved whatsits for my Pop.
A Ben-10 toy for my nephew/godson.

I am addicted to matcha, and will sniff it out wherever it is.

The sales attendant said that this was the best they had.

When I bought this at Toast Box, everyone congratulated the cashier:

Single-serve coffee press. Very Muji, actually.

And speaking of Muji, I went a little crazy in there.

I didn't really need... I just WANTED.
Cap and woolen shawl in anticipation of our non-existent winter in the tropics.

And then there was Sephora...

All the cosmetics you will ever need under one roof.
Lipgloss for SIL and Tokidoki nail files for Ma. Why so cute?

I can't count the number of times that I went inside Takashimaya.

Their theme was teddy bears.
Loot from Watson's-- things they don't have in their stores here.
I bought S$100 worth of dried pork and minced chicken. Yum!
A vegetable peeler might come in handy. (I dunno, don't ask.)
Steph bought these and gave me some. Nama chocolates at supermarket prices!

Finally, on our last day, I decided to buy a local fashion magazine.

We should have bought this as soon as we landed.
It came with all these catalogs and shopping guides.

Yez, I bought the original iPad case from the Epicentre store at Ion Orchard, as well as this really useful magazine at the Kinokuniya book store:

Give me a couple of months to go through it.

And that's where all my money went.

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