Monday, December 20, 2010

first night

27 November 2010. We got to Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 (NAIA3) in time for a late lunch. There are many more food choices there now, especially on the second floor before paying the terminal fee and the last security check. Could use some more improvement still, but for now, this airport is adequate.

Angel hair aglio olio and pizza margherita from that Italian place on the second floor.

We love Airphil Express-- mainly because we got really cheap seats. The flight was pretty smooth, and I conked out for most of it.

Sunsets viewed from airplane windows are the best.

We arrived at Changi past 8pm. Oh, what a nice nice nice airport. Dorothy, you're not in the Third World anymore.

Our very own Mercedes Benz to pick us up.

We were delighted to be back in Singapore. First stop, Mandarin Orchard to drop off our bags. After checking in, we went outdoors and just immersed ourselves in Christmas tropicale... Giddy us!

Hello, Orchard Road!

Hello, Emporio Armani!

Hello, Gucci!

We managed to get into Takashimaya's basement before they closed for the night. At the bottom of the escalator, there was a new doughnut place which had a mad long line.

Made a note to try this out another day.

This is Steph's (silent H) old faithful in Singapore-- fish ball noodle soup. Actually, I had never tried it before and I found it quite yummy. The broth had a clean flavor, the noodles were the perfect texture, and the fish balls and fish cakes were not fishy at all. I would have put more chili, though.

The biggest, bounciest fish balls ever.

This lemon-lemongrass drink tasted of ginger. Not bad if you like ginger tea.

I wanted to have a bowl of the fabulous lobster laksa at Chatterbox, but by the time we got back to the hotel, it was already out of stock. I ordered the seafood hor fun instead (recommended by the chatty Chatterbox waiter), while Steph had dessert. Both were too expensive to be so mediocre, but it was too late to scrounge up some food outside. I ignored the food hall at Takashimaya because I was saving myself for the lobster laksa, but I was foiled!

The fish filets in the seafood hor fun were stellar. Everything else in the bowl was so-so lah.

Mango pudding with berries. Count the berries.

It was past midnight when we finally entered our room for the first time. We briefly went over our plans for the next day and went to sleep.

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