Monday, November 8, 2010

the new shangri-la brochure

When Cookie Monster and Steph (silent H) stayed at Shangri-la's Boracay Resort & Spa for two nights last month, they never stepped out of the resort-- not once. And why would they? Their one-bedroom villa was fabulous, dah-ling!

Enter paradise.

Their own private pool with a view.

A water spout to keep them company.

My very favorite thing about the villa was the variety of outdoor sitting areas. So depending on their mood or the time of day, they could just sit back or lounge around in any of the lovely little spaces.

Outdoor sitting area number one facing the pool.

Beside it, the day bed was great for snuggling.

For sunbathing in complete privacy.

How about a hand of strip poker surrounded by greenery?

The air-conditioned living room became another outdoor area by opening the sliding doors.

The furniture was so, so nice.

The bedrooom was such a relaxing haven. It's what a hotel bedroom should be.

Entering the bedroom through the living room.

The sheets and pillows were pure luxury, of course.

The other TV was in the living room. From the bedroom, Cookie Monster could step out directly to the pool.

The bathroom was not too shabby, either.

His and hers sinks. And look at that tub!

The phone, notepad and pencil were thoughtful touches.

The en suite shower was surprisingly spartan i.e. boring. I guess Shangri-la's designer REALLY wanted them to try the outdoor showers. After all, nobody could see them. Yez, running around naked was a very viable option.

Outdoor shower number one, access through the bathroom.

Outdoor shower number two, near the swimming pool.

The mini bar was to die for. I wanted to take everything home, including the cups and saucers.

A selection of loose-leaf teas in cute little canisters.

More tea and coffee inside the drawer. (The condom thingies were coffee.)

A Nespresso machine! So clever. And their coffee tasted very, very good.

Oh, and they had their own butler at their beck and call.

A cellphone was provided to call the butler from anywhere in the resort.

I've been to Shangri-la Boracay many times for drinks or to eat, and I've seen some of their rooms before, but observing the Cookie Monster couple during their stay, I realise now that in terms of service and amenities, compared to other Boracay resorts, Shangri-la is in a different universe.

Happy boy.

Happy girl.


  1. yeah, well, my pictures make it look good LOL! but seriously, shangri-la boracay is really beautiful. go visit it if you get the chance.