Saturday, November 13, 2010

deliver us from traffic

I learned how to drive when I was 15 years old. Even without a driver's license, or even a student's permit, I was driving an hour everyday from school to home-- with an increasingly nervous family driver riding shotgun and my oblivious siblings in the back.

I've always liked to drive. On Sundays, I cleaned and vacuumed every square centimeter of my car. I spent hours preparing mix tapes (!) for any driving occasion. I enjoyed being in control of a machine that could go from zero to really, really fast with just a little pressure from my foot.

Nowadays, I don't drive so much in the city anymore. Two reasons: Traffic jams and lack of parking spaces. Which is why I think is Da Bomb.

Used to be you could only get junk food delivered to your house. Recently, a bunch of third-party delivery companies have cropped up in Manila that accept orders for real food, not just crappy fast food. I chose because they had Ristras on their list.

Fish tacos with a side of black beans and chorizo brown rice.
I've wanted to try Ristras since early this year, but always put it off because just thinking about where to park in the Wilson Street area gives me a migraine. Food delivery is a true sign of civilization. Woohoo!

Ristras' famous burrito, almost as long as a foot.
All the food I ordered lasted me three meals. I do that-- order too much because I feel bad for the delivery guy who has to travel all that way with just a tiny sandwich or something. Yes, yes, I know it doesn't matter to him because there's a delivery charge anyway and he gets paid whatever I order. It's just my thing.

Grilled chicken, cilantro lime rice and pinto beans wrapped in a flour tortilla.
Verdict: I believe that Ristras' food is best eaten in the comfort of your own home. It can get really messy-- look at the size of that burrito! Eat in private, with the sauce running down your fingers and dripping all over the place. It's heavenly. In terms of taste, although I wouldn't say that it's authentic Mexican (I'm biased because we have the best Mexican restaurant here on Boracay.), it's at least 8/10 in my book. Ristras is not cheap, but like I said, these two items lasted three meals.

And The instructions on their website are super clear. After I sent in my order, the guy who called me to confirm was polite and articulate. The delivery person arrived right on time. The food was still warm. Good job all around. I will be checking out their list of restaurants from time to time.

Delivery charge was PHP85. Costs less than my gas and parking.

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