Tuesday, November 16, 2010

5 things i learned about my ipad

I received my iPad in September, and everyday I learn something new about it. At first I thought that it's just a pretty toy that's making Steve Jobs richer by the minute, but now I can't live without it. Insidious.

Image borrowed from apple.com

1. Don't buy the iPad in Canada. It's at least 30% cheaper elsewhere-- as in, anywhere else in the world. But if your father buys it for you as a gift, don't complain.

2. If you're anal like me, immediately take your iPad to the accessories store and buy both the screen protector and the back protector. Otherwise, the fingerprint marks will drive you crazy.

3. Get the original Apple iPad Case. It's really well-designed and will make you look astig.

Image from bestipadcase.us

4. Don't buy a cheap iPad case. Yez, I know it's cheap. But there's a reason.

Cheap-ass case. Less than US$12.
The reason.
5. With the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit, you can transfer your pictures from your camera or memory card to your iPad. That frees up your memory card and when you get home, you can import your pictures from the iPad to your Mac, using Picasa or iPhoto.

From the Apple website

At the moment, I only use my iPad for browsing and answering email. One of these days, I should really take a look at those "app" thingies that everyone's talking about.

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