Wednesday, March 13, 2013

romeo un-void

I met a really interesting guy yesterday.

Wikireena, Mr. DJ, Bunny Rabbit and I visited his home in Cainta which was, uhm... astonishing, to say the least. If a void is defined as "a completely empty space", then Lee's house is surely the opposite of that.

Understatement: Lee is an audiophile. It ain't junk if it still works. And yez, they do work... Mostly.

We were there to see The Art by Romeo Lee. I didn't realise that it would be on every available surface.


I found a little doggy on the floor.

Chihuahua Naman Si Lee, 2011.

And Bunny Rabbit noticed a snail in a corner of the bedroom.

Snail, Rattle And Roll, 2010.

They're both mine now. Mine, mine, mine.

Thank you, Lee.

Read "Romeo Lee's Chaos Theory" by Eric S. Caruncho, here.

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