Monday, March 18, 2013

art in the city

I had always wanted to go to the annual Art In The Park at Salcedo Park in Makati City, but last year my timing was off. So glad I got to experience it last Saturday, 16 March 2013, even though we cut it pretty close with only two hours to go before the event ended at midnight.

From the Museum Foundation of the Philippines websiteOriginally envisioned as a way to introduce wider audiences to Philippine contemporary art by providing them a wide range of affordable art in a relaxed setting, Art In The Park has become much more than that. It is a community-based activity that people come to enjoy, peruse the stalls, and hunt for bargains. They end up lingering because of the convivial atmosphere, the food, drinks, conversations, and the friends that gather. The main attraction of the fair remains the art. Where else can one see more than forty galleries offering art for no more than P30,000? There is something for everyone: illustrations, paintings, drawings, art for children, as well as collectible toys for the young at heart. There are wonderful still lifes and landscapes, sculpture and photography, and some of the most cutting-edge ventures into contemporary art. Artfully repurposed furniture, pottery and jewelry are available to those who like being surrounded by art. The galleries are there for those who wish to buy and browse and art installations in strategic locations for those who simply wish to spend a nice afternoon in a park.

Some of the sculptures and installations were quite arresting, such as the Icarus mobile. The giant masks were beautiful but somewhat disturbing, especially grouped together like that. However the skeletal Charon just lacked subtlety, I thought.

I liked the whimsical ones the most. Isn't "Emoticon" the cutest thing ever? And "Sampaguita" made from garden chairs is tempting me to weld random stuff together in my backyard now.

The bulk of the artwork for sale were paintings, drawings and prints.

There were hundreds, if not thousands, of canvases in the park that day. Some pieces were created by established artists while others were by university students.

My absolute favorite was an oil painting entitled "Perlas ng Silangan" by Aquino-- I can't remember the full name now. (Next time, I should go at 2PM as soon as the exhibit opens. Better lighting for photos, and maybe I can get to know the artists better while sharing a bottle of wine.)

Although I found the price to be very reasonable, I didn't buy it. But I do know where to find it: Nineveh Artspace in Laguna owned by the nice gentleman in the photo, Mr. Louie Sevilla.

I'll give it a couple of weeks and if I still can't stop thinking about the painting... Road trip to Laguna, anyone?

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