Sunday, March 24, 2013

market musings

Since my tooth crisis began in January, I have visited four different dental clinics a total of eight times, but my real dentist, the one who makes all the life-changing decisions about my orthodontic health, lives and works in Balanga, Bataan.

And when in Balanga, to market we will go.

The primary objective is always smoked fish, or tinapa. Their plump bangus tinapa, flaky and savory, are my favorite things to stash in my freezer. Perfect for culinary emergencies.

The province of Bataan has an extensive coastline, which means there's a lot of seafood. We found some blue crabs (alimasag) upside down...

And right side up.

The fruit selection is pretty good, too. And cheaper than Manila. The avocados were a bit small on our last trip.

But the hefty star apples (kaimito) were exceptionally creamy and sweet.

For me, the most interesting part of the market is the vegetable section. I'm constantly amazed by the different shapes, colors and textures.

The Balanga Public Market is huge, spacious and clean. It's always a pleasure to browse and talk to the vendors. I just wish that they took more care with the way they handle and display their wares. What a difference it would make if things were stacked neatly.

Like so:

It can't be that hard.

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