Sunday, July 31, 2011

meditations on the mountain

Lowlanders don't understand how massive a mountain is. We think we do, but actually we think that it's "just" a mountain. Highlanders KNOW that they are surrounded by the biggest objects on the planet. By accepting the fact that human beings are miniscule compared to the Supreme Being's other creations, they open themselves up to the vastness and majesty of the world. Therefore, they feel no need to change nature. They just blend in.

Sunrise at Kiltepan.

My favorite rice terraces at Ab-ab.

It takes time to climb mountains. In a place where it takes a child 90 minutes to walk to school, and 90 minutes to walk back home, every single day, because that's the fastest the meager infrastructure and transport system will allow, you really can't hurry. And you can't be stressed about it. It is what it is.

Walking to Bomod-ok Falls aka Big Falls.

The very potent hallucinogen Talampunay (Angel's Trumpet).

The people of the Cordillera mountain range are extremely confident that they live in the most beautiful place on earth. They're not surprised to see us tourists at all. It's as if they were expecting us. What took you so long? they seem to wonder. They know that we will return, again and again.

Coffins piled on top of one another inside Lumiang Burial Cave.

GMO-free mountain rice ready to be harvested.

Batad Rice Terraces and Sumaguing Cave, we'll be back for you.


  1. I have spent the day reading many of your older blog entries trying to find inspiration for next years trip, I have concluded that a stay at the Hillside Inn, Batad would be a real adventure for me to undertake......what do you think?

  2. that's a great idea. we didn't go to batad last time, will be glad to join you. i'll send you an email soon.