Wednesday, July 14, 2010

cute food

Why is it that there's sure to be a Filipino in every corner of the world, but Filipino cuisine is not well-known outside the Philippines? Our dishes are very flavorful, comforting and tasty, but somehow, while Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian and other dishes from Southeast Asian countries are becoming staples and are being devoured everywhere, Pinoy food remains on the back burner.

Is it because our food is ugly?

Well, let's face it. We eat with our eyes, and our food lacks color and presentation. Thank gad more and more Pinoy chefs and bakers are becoming aware of this, and slowly but surely, our cuisine is attaining a certain sophistication.

To be world-class, we have to LOOK world-class.

Take the humble piaya. Most people know it as a souvenir foodstuff that's being sold in every airport in the country. Make them really tiny and call them piayitos.

Make them as thin as possible. Obviously, there won't be space for the filling, but you're looking for that crispy, crunchy texture.

Sprinkle some organic muscovado and sesame seeds et voila. The piaya is reinvented, and with really cool packaging. Actually, it's the perfect size for your purse-- just right for snacking. I can imagine crumbling them up over a bowl of ice cream.

Congrats to Casa Carmela Kitchen of Bacolod! Good job, thumbs up! See more of their products here.

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