Friday, May 28, 2010

different by daylight

One of the best things about having visitors is: We get to try more food.

This is the first time we saw Kasbah during the daytime. The colors are so happy and cheerful. Never noticed that before.

We had the kemias sampler. Still the best kemias I've ever had. Even with six people sharing, we couldn't finish them all. The doggy bag was still good the next day.

We had some chicken wings. Tasty, but somehow the fries were more interesting. This led to a discussion of hand-cut fresh fries versus McDonald's frozen fries.

The mixed brochettes were perfectly cooked, as always. It's not easy to keep grilled meat and seafood moist like that.

And of course, we had Bunny Rabbit's favorite lamb tagine with vegetables. I mentioned it before, here.

For dessert, we tried some baklava. It was mediocre. The sogginess bothered everyone.

But the nutmeg panna cotta made me forget about the baklava. It made me forget my own name for a few minutes. I would go back to eat this one thing.

Thanks, Cookie Monster and Steph, for a great time! And yez, the sunglasses make you look like a richie-rich.

It was great to meet Steph's Sako and Uncle John. We hope that you enjoyed our island.


  1. Deb,

    John and I had a wonderful time in Boracay. It was hot but really beautiful. Thank you so much to both of you, we really appreciate the hospitality and company. Seeing all the foods remind me of that wonderful day we had there.

  2. it was our pleasure! hope to see you again soon.