Friday, May 28, 2010

diablo's home

Our friend Diablo is from the northern part of the Philippines. He grew up surrounded by the majestic Cordillera Mountain Range. He brought a part of it to Boracay.

It took him about a year to finish building his house.

He invited some woodcarvers from back home to help him with the finishing.

One of the craftsmen was quite naughty.

The chandeliers were made from baskets which he used to carry rice... as a child!

I didn't know that Diablo was obsessive compulsive like me. Neat!

Bunny Rabbit said that it's a little like visiting Nayong Pilipino, a theme park which showcases Philippine culture and where native houses and landscapes are featured.

It's a mountain home with a view of the sea. Try to beat that.

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  1. Sorry to burst your bubbles but Diablo,aka Louis never carried rice on his back nor head, hehehehe! He is one of my dearest,sweet friend. Hi bro!peace;-)