Thursday, April 29, 2010

cheap date

Because of El Niño, we have been hiding at home since the beginning of summer. It's just too hot to do anything except water the plants. Every once in a while, though, when all that's left in the pantry is a can of sardines, we have to go out and buy food. One evening, Bunny Rabbit invited me to our favorite cheap resto for some crab.

So sweet of him. He doesn't eat crab, but he knows that I like! Angel Wish Dish has a new set menu for two people, which consists of

Baked oysters with cheese and garlic,

Prawns fried in butter and garlic,

And the star of the show-- Chili crab!

Served with rice and Coke. All for the princely sum of PHP550 for two people. That's about US$12.

I know, right? It's so ridiculous. The crab alone would cost more than that in a normal restaurant. Good thing we're not normal.

Oh, and yez, it all tasted very, very good.