Sunday, March 14, 2010

quotable quotes

Starbucks Boracay is one of our favorite hang-outs. The coffee is sure to be good, the place has AC, we can read newspapers and magazines for free, and there's a nice view.

Tell me: Is there any other Starbucks in the whole entire world which has a view like this?

The other day when we were there, there were no people at all! We had the whole place to ourselves.

We settled down in the highly-coveted cubbyhole with the couches, and read some newspapers. (The big fight is today, by the way.)

Oh, no. Manny is trying to speak English again.

Quotable quotes:

1. "If you disrespect me, I will never talk to you."

2. "Once we put them on, if he hits me I will hit him."

3. "Yes. Then he can call me or I can call him."

I read the article again and realised that hey, that's not Manny! That's Clottey talking!


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