Wednesday, March 10, 2010

the queen's chocolates

Dear Hot Tuna,

At Changi Airport in Singapore, on the day of our departure, I decided to buy some chocolates. I went to the chocolate displays and was so dumbfounded by the endless array of chocolates that I immediately looked at my watch and thought, "This is going to take a while."

I figured that American chocolates were not worth looking at. Although the Japanese display was quite tantalizing with those cute labels that nobody can understand, i.e. you're never sure what your package will reveal when you get home-- I decided to stick to European chocolates.

I steered clear of the Toblerone, my favorite, because they are available everywhere and not worth lugging around. I picked up a box of Belgian seashell pralines. I felt that I was being boring, but I held on to it as a safety net. My other choices would be more adventurous. I needed my seashells in case my other purchases turned out yucky.

I chanced upon a shelf of liquer-filleds, or in some cases, liquor-filled. I bought a box of vodka chocolates for myself, and for my sister-in-law, rum chocolates. Because every girl needs chocolates and alcohol sometimes.

Bunny Rabbit had recently taken a liking to after-dinner mints. I zeroed in on this box.

It says: "By appointment to Her Majesty the Queen manufacturers of chocolates Bendick's (Mayfair) Ltd Winchester"

I bought the Queen's chocolates. Tonight, we ate them.

Bunny Rabbit and I both like it. Our first experience of Bendick's Chocolate Mint Crisps is this hit of peppermint going up our nostrils. It clears the sinuses, as if to prepare us for the initial bite.

As we were chewing, there was a strange crunchy texture, but only what CSI would call "trace amounts". The crunchy bits melted away after a second. Perhaps it was the "crisp honeycomb pieces (10%)" as it says on the box.

And then came the chocolate coating the tongue. It's dark and slightly bitter, a perfect foil for the sweet refreshing peppermint.

So, am I making you want to go out and get some Bendick's now?

Incidentally, we were watching "The Queen" starring Helen Mirren earlier. Bunny Rabbit was totally into it. He was so outraged that the royal family could be portrayed that way. We were halfway through when the DVD quit. Blasted pirated DVDs!

All the best,