Wednesday, November 4, 2009

and now, the news

I get most of my news from Yahoo! News. I scan the headlines every morning as I read my email. Occasionally, there are gems like this one. I mean, just the headline makes you go "WTF?"

Click to enlarge.

My favorite quote is from Loretta Rosales: " Since they are all registered in Taguig, would it have been possible that all 621 who were born on January 1, 1901 were all born in Taguig? Maybe not. But suppose they were, that would have been a nightmare celebrating New Year for all the hospitals and clinics of Taguig 108 years ago."

Come on, Loretta. You must admit that there's a slim possibility that there's a community of people born on January 1, 1901 who somehow decided to reside in Taguig. Maybe it was the fresh air.

Maybe it's a cult!

Yez! Go centenarians.

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