Tuesday, September 17, 2013

nomming @ hello kitty café

On 18 July 2013, JetLee and I went to the Hongdae area of Seoul because: 1) We were looking for the Trick Eye Museum, and 2) We wanted to see some real Seoulites, not just tourists and people who work in shops or restaurants that cater mostly to tourists.

When we got there, the Trick Eye Museum wasn't where it was supposed to be-- there's a location map on their website, but we still couldn't find it. Actually, we could have gone to the Trick World Museum in Myeong-dong, right behind our hotel, and saved ourselves a trip to Hongdae. But then we wouldn't have discovered the Hello Kitty Café.

We just had to go in and have a coffee, at least. Lo and behold, they had cute food.

This is where we sat.

And this is what we ordered: A cappuccino, a sweet potato latte, a croque monsieur and a tiramisu. Not bad at all for a total of 18,400 won (US$17). And of course, very cute.

We went upstairs to explore the second floor.

A giant Kitty.

Check out the chandeliers.

So much pink everywhere.

Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel in traditional Korean garb.

J'adore Hello Kitty Café. How could I not? We practically grew up together, and now she's an international superstar. I'm so proud.

J'adore Hongdae, too. I wish we had more time to hang out and people-watch, but we had to go back to Myeong-dong to meet our friends for dinner. If I ever go back to Seoul, I would definitely spend more time in this area. Maybe go on a weekend to check out the street art festivals and flea markets.

While walking around the neighborhood, JetLee bought a snack from a street vendor.

This gyeranbbang was quite yummy. Like a brioche topped with an egg.

Learn more about Hongdae here.


  1. I'd completely forgotten that Other Kitty had a name

  2. I'd completely forgotten that the Other Kitty had a name.

  3. do you remember the names of the little twin stars?