Tuesday, June 25, 2013

funky dog near somphet market

One of my favorite places to have breakfast in Chiang Mai is Funky Dog Café. The human owns it, but obviously, it's the dog who's the boss.

The local coffee was nice. Not as strong as Vietnamese coffee, but definitely better than Nescafé.

The Funky Dog Iced Coffee is a fresh coconut shake with honey and a shot of coffee. Great for cooling down on a sweltering day.

The breakfast set with eggs, sausages, vegetables and bread was a bit pricey, but well worth the money. The tomato chutney with passionfruit was especially delightful.

I adored the huge bowl of fresh fruit with yoghurt and toasted coconut. They were quite generous with the honey, too.

Somphet Market is just a few meters from the café. It's a cute little market patronised by mostly local guesthouse cooks.

And backpackers looking for a fruit shake fix.

The mangosteens were quite small and the dragonfruit were not as sweet as they could have been at their peak, but the lychees and the rambutans were in season.

The pre-packaged fruit was a bit more expensive, but each packet was just the perfect size for snacking, or as a refreshing dessert after a spicy meal.

The vegetables looked so vibrant and crisp. You just know that they're good for you.

I had never seen pink eggs before. Salted eggs in the Philippines are usually dyed bright red.

Tofu is one my favorite things to eat, even though I'm usually in excruciating pain the next day.

There were some live fish in a tub. My grandmother would approve.

The spices and herbs looked amazing.

A Thai meal isn't complete without sauces and condiments.

For people who are too busy to cook, there's an assortment of ready-to-eat food.

Bags of chips, nuts, legumes and tiny dried fish for when one gets an attack of the munchies.

Here's a video tour of Somphet Market on openchiangmai.com.

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