Sunday, June 23, 2013

accidental shopping

I can honestly say that I didn't go to Thailand to shop. I didn't really need anything, but there were a few things that I couldn't resist buying... such as assorted edibles.

Honey from Sompet Market in Chiang Mai.

Ready-to-cook spice packs from Aroon Rai in Chiang Mai. 

Munchies from Gourmet Market at Emporium in Bangkok.

Assorted scented things.

Mosquito repellent from Funky Monkey and incense from Anusan Night Market in Chiang Mai. Reed diffusers and aromatherapy set from Emporium Department Store in Bangkok.

My skin felt a bit patchy so I got these. They were on sale. I hope my face doesn't melt off.

Luminese cleanser, eye cream and night cream from Boots in Bangkok.

Sorry for displaying my delicates online, but I just have to tell every woman out there: The brassieres in Bangkok are dirt-cheap!

BSC bras from Emporium Department Store in Bangkok. Only 460 baht (US$14.50) each.

I got some extra large T-shirts for my brother.

Cotton tees from Anusan Night Market in Chiang Mai.

And some doodads for myself.

Case logic camera bag from CentralWorld Bangkok, the sixth largest shopping complex in the world. Bluetooth speaker from Philippine Airlines Fiesta Boutique.

The following things, I didn't buy. Hot Tuna lugged them all the way from London to Bangkok to Krabi to Chiang Mai.

Preciousssssss from Fortnum & Mason in London, established in 1707.

Books! Historical fiction by Hilary Mantel.

A fruitful trip, I would say.

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  1. i've never been to the sunday walking market in chiang mai. i heard it's pretty good for shopping. i should schedule a weekend trip next time.