Monday, January 28, 2013


Five things that I was grateful for yesterday:

1. Good health and good weather. I've learned to not take them for granted.

2. That the stock market was closed and I didn't have to watch $AAPL circle the drain. Oh, I still believe in Tim Cook. I just wish more people did. That's the company's problem right now, in a nutshell.

3. That my beloved Harman Kardon worked perfectly. Thank you, Mr. DJ and Wikireena!

4. That I didn't have to cook. And a very special person made a very special dessert for me. From scratch.

5. That the most important people in my life remembered. Thank you.

 photo birthday.gif

P.S. I compiled my playlist for the day from several issues of Philippine Airlines' Mabuhay Magazine. Check out the in-flight entertainment section for some great ideas.

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