Thursday, May 24, 2012

chalet in the tropics

The reason I chose Villa Chitdara Guesthouse in Luang Prabang? Because the monks pass right in front of it every morning. And of course, it helped that it's gotten very good reviews.

I was delighted that we got the room with the best view.

The room itself was not huge, but not cramped either. The AC, fan, ref and TV worked fine. We got free bottled water everday, and all the coffee and tea we could drink.

The bathroom was an adequate size and pretty clean, with hot water and nice towels. The shampoo and soap were replenished everyday.

This is the front of the guesthouse, facing the street.

There's a lovely courtyard which we never got to use.

This is the back of the guesthouse. I lurved all the wood! How do they keep the termites away?

They have a beautiful garden in the back. I wonder how it looks at night with all the lanterns lit up. Sadly, we forgot to check it out.

There's a separate building where breakfast is served.

The room rate includes a buffet breakfast. The baguettes were to die for, and the fruit platter was the highlight of my mornings at Villa Chitdara.

Villa Chitdara has an excellent website, and they answer email inquiries very promptly and comprehensively. (Hello, Ning!) It's one block away from Luang Prabang's main street, and one block in the opposite direction from the Mekong River. The Night Market is a five-minute walk, and everything you need to buy or want to eat is within easy reach.

At US$42 a night, it's not the cheapest guesthouse-- I saw one which advertised US$38 a night with breakfast and round trip airport transfers. But the service was impeccable and the location, unbeatable. Given all the amenities, Villa Chitdara is not really an expensive guesthouse. It's actually a very cheap HOTEL.

Thank you, Villa Chitdara, "for the goodtime".


  1. Villa Chitdara looks more than functional and at $42 great value, an excellent find, the details of which have been noted.

  2. The only thing they don't have is a swimming pool, but I don't think there are pools in Luang Prabang. The locals go to the waterfall to cool off.