Friday, March 2, 2012

how to sink a plane, part 2

We were told to assemble at Aqualife Divers Academy on 1 March 2012 at 830AM.

The briefing.

All aboard.

We were the last team to arrive at the site, but technically we weren't late. The others were just early. In any case, our president was calm and relaxed. "They won't start without me," he said.

The Boracay diving community waits for Gov.

Our plane!

The 74 plastic oil drums that served as ballast had to be removed one by one. By hand.

At 11:15AM, she starts to go under.

The starboard side wing is now submerged.

The port side wing gave us some trouble, but Gov took matters into his own hands. He climbed on top of the sinking plane and hacked away with a fire ax. Then he leapt into the water and was picked up by a Jetski. Very James Bond.

Our president strikes the Tri-bird into submission.

The tail sticks straight up. Just like the Titanic.

She stays in this position for a few minutes.

With one last sigh, at 11:31AM, the Tri-bird slid into the depths.

It's going faster now.

And then she was gone.

After a few minutes, we went on the very first dive at this newly-created dive site. I am happy to report that the Tri-bird is still in one piece, lying at a maximum depth of 29 meters.

Congratulations to the Boracay Association of Scuba-diving Schools (BASS)! To the Board of Directors-- past and present-- good job!

So when are we gonna get our next wreck, huh?

The only casualty: Gov's shoulder.

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