Saturday, December 17, 2011

fun fun fun fun

After months of trying to ignore her, I couldn't help myself. I was dying of curisosity.

Rebecca Black's "Friday". Over 11.4 million views. Universally reviled and hopelessly, irresistibly viral.

0:02 Er, "Tuesday's gone with the wind"?

0:17 Ooh, that voice-- it hurts, mommy.

0:34 Her friends are in this video? Didn't anyone tell her how horrible this song is? Oh wait, did she pay them?

0:45 Just when you though it couldn't get worse, here comes the chorus.

1:11 Must. Push. Through. To the end.

1:57 Who are all these people??? This must be some kinda big budget production.

2:05 "Yesterday was Thursday. Today it is Friday... Tomorrow is Saturday. And Sunday comes afterwards." Yes!!!

2:31 A rapper? Is he still OK?

2:50 At this point, something breaks inside me and I just give in. Hands in the air!

3:13 Fun fun fun fun!!!

3:40 What can I say? I'm a fan.

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