Tuesday, June 21, 2011

where have all the tomatoes gone?

Our very first meal in Sagada was at Log Cabin. Thank you, Wikireena and Mr. DJ for making the arrangements. It sure was a nice treat for us after almost 24 hours on the road.

Reservations are a must at Log Cabin. The place is quite small-- I'd say 20 to 25 diners max-- and the French chef apparently doesn't like to stock up on produce and prefers to serve everything fresh. Wikireena pre-ordered some dishes, including tomato soup, but when we arrived we were told that we couldn't have it because of a lack of tomatoes.    

Some kinda bruschetta with chopped tomatoes.

Tomato salad with olives, capers and mint.

Sagada Salad. Had avocado, carrots and assorted ferns and shoots. And tomatoes.

Baked eggplant with tomato sauce and cheese.

Mixed veg. Take note of the squash blossoms. (They'd run out of tomatoes by this time.)

No, we have not turned into vegetarians. Here's the meat:

Baked chicken and potatoes.

Pork chops with more tomatoes.

Basta, our server said: No tomatoes, no tomato soup.

Log Cabin is an inn/ bar/ restaurant, just a few steps away from Sagada Homestay Inn and Strawberry Café. They have the cutest kitchen. You have to walk through it to get to the rest room, and I like that it's an open book. A very neat and clean open book.

Smells good, too.

Verdict: There were some hits and a few misses (e.g. the chicken was moist and tasty, but the potatoes were rock-hard) but when in Sagada, one must eat at Log Cabin at least once. I especially liked the vegetables because they were so fresh and natural, the way we NEVER get them in the city. Yez, the tomatoes were fabulous. The ferns were a bit hard to chew, though. Next time, we have to try their Saturday evening buffet.

Presenting the Sagada Travel Club:

Wikireena and Papa, the (supposed) responsible adult.

Mr. DJ, Mountain Boy and Wikitina.

Looking forward to more adventures with you guys.


  1. I wish I can blog as eloquently funny with a kick of sarcasm as you. Love the entries! 

    :) >Wikitina

  2. thanks. practice makes perfect, hehe.