Tuesday, June 28, 2011

skin deep

Misibis Bay Resort looked great this morning. There's nothing like a good hard scrubbing by a typhoon to make everything appear squeaky clean and new.

The lobby and reception area. Notice how I "froze" the water? jeje
CabaƱas on the beach.
Lounging beds on the beach.
Huge-ass driftwood on the beach.

My friends and I spent two nights at this resort, and it was only today, during our last few hours, that we got brilliant high-definition blue skies. Too bad everyone else had to check out early.

The main infinity pool.
Looks like a real treat on a blistering hot day.
How about some last-minute sunbathing?
The smaller general patronage pool which we didn't get to try.

Our group occupied three second-floor villas and one on the ground floor.

Our very own private pool. For villa guests only.
All my friends stayed up there.
Guess who stayed on the ground floor and got quick access to the swimming pools?

I had a great time at Misibis Bay Resort-- I love hanging out with my friends wherever we go-- but I probably won't be back. Two nights is enough.

One last look before saying goodbye.
The famous amphitheatre at the Misibis Eco-Energy Park.
This is how Korean couples go on vacation.

Been there, done that. Next!

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