Saturday, January 2, 2010

happy new year!

How did we spend New Year's Eve?

7pm-- Simple dinner at Basecamp. Some friends came over to visit and hang around.

11:30pm to 12:30am-- Watched the fireworks. Sorry, no pictures. Fireworks have to be experienced live. Pictures, or even video, are no good because they can't capture the smell of the gunpowder, the sighs and yells of the crowds and the sheer spectacle of this once-a-year mega light show. Here's something not too many people know: Boracay is the best place to celebrate New Year's-- over three kilometers of white-sand beach, almost an hour of (expensive) fireworks, sparkly sparkles reflected over the water, and parties until sunrise. This year's pyrotechnic display was truly exceptional. We were a bit worried that the resorts wouldn't spend as much as last year because of the state of the economy, but we were wrong!

And yez, there were white people skinny dipping everywhere.

1:30am-- Started walking along the beach to check out the par-tays. Had a shot of Bacardi at Pat's Bar and had to sit down. Ate some wonderful nachos with homemade salsa and delicious oysters adobo.

3pm-- Last stop, Summer Place. Said "hi" to the DJ. The place was crazy packed.

4:30am-- Went home and slept.

11am-- Made pancakes and bacon for brunch. Yum!

1pm-- Went back to sleep.

7pm-- Had an extraordinary dinner at Rusty's house. A great start for 2010. Happy New Year, friends.

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