Friday, August 9, 2013

everybody loves paris baguette

The secret to maintaining harmony when traveling with a group is to have (somewhat) similar likes and dislikes. For the Kimchi Clique, our hands-down number one "like" was Paris Baguette.

Paris Baguette is the most popular boulangerie in Korea with stores virtually everywhere-- more than 3,000! When we saw one on Taejo Road in Jeonju City, we all went kinda nuts. It looked like my idea of heaven. And it smelled so, so good.

It was the only place where we could get coffee at 9AM. No kidding, all the cute little caf├ęs in Hanok Village were still closed until lunch time.

I got myself an orzo latte (3,500 won or US$3.15) and a jelly doughnut (1,300 won or US$1.70). Both were excellent. The coffee was nutty, creamy and not too sweet, and the doughnut was pillowy and moist. It was the best doughnut I've had since... I can't even remember. Nope, J.Co is #NotThatGreat.

I really would have liked to try the more unusual stuff, like the garlic pie, garlic sweet potato pastry and chewy hot dog, but I was still pretty full from our breakfast of kongnamul gukbap. Also, we figured that we would have plenty of time to visit a Paris Baguette outlet in Seoul.

Somebody even suggested that we buy a whole cake and eat it in one of our hotel rooms in Myeong-dong.

Alas, when we got to Seoul we never even had a meal together until our last day in Korea.

The next and last time I saw a Paris Baguette was at Incheon International Airport thirty minutes before our flight. I grabbed a couple of onigiri, or Japanese rice balls (in this case, triangles), to eat on the plane. Not bad, but not very memorable.

I bought a green tea roll for Ma...

as well as some milk bread, muffins...

and a cheese roll. The sweet potato roll, I kept for myself. It was delicious albeit very earthy. I felt like eau de sweet potato scent was coming out of my pores after I ate it.

I spent 19,000 won (US$17) in total. Not exactly cheap, but since Paris Baguette is a distinctly Korean franchise and we don't have it in the Philippines yet, I thought that it was worth the price.

Check out Paris Baguette's website.

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