Friday, July 13, 2012

not just eating

Lest you think that I spent all that time in Bangkok just eating, here's proof of some sightseeing activity.

This was the third time I visited Wat Arun, but the first time I brought back photographs.

Check out the fantastic details.

Every square centimeter of Wat Arun Rajwararam is covered with porcelain--millions and millions of pieces. 

Although its English name is "Temple of the Dawn", I think that the best time to visit is the hour before sunset. There are no crowds to fight to get to the top of the pagoda and savor the view.

And after the sun goes down, Wat Arun is at its most beautiful. It is truly the premiere landmark of Bangkok.

More about Wat Arun here. To get there, I took the BTS Skytrain and got off at the Saphan Taksin terminal. Walked down to street level and rode the boat to the Tha Thien dock which is where the Wat Po/ Temple of the Emerald Buddha/ Grand Palace complex is. And then another boat across the river.

Officially, the river "buses" stop operations at 7PM. I was willing to pay the taxi fare going back home just to get my night shots, but happily, the boats were still running past 830PM.

(It's so ridiculously easy. Why can't other countries make it this easy to visit their tourist spots? Yes, Pinas, I'm talking to YOU.)

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